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Artist Resume


998 - 2001 : MFA in Sculpture at California State University Long Beach
(Distinguished Achievement in Creative Activity Award)  

1995 - 1998 : BFA in Sculpture with Honor Phi Beta Kappa, California State University, Long Beach


2020 Dec. L A Housing Program, ROOM & BOARD, LA

2019 Aug. EQUILIBRIUM, Galerie GIA, Seoul, Korea
2018 Dec. EQUILIBRIUM, Skidmore Contemporary Art, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica

2017 Mar.  Hyundai Department Store, Mokong Brach, Seoul, Korea
2017 Feb.  Hyundai Department Store, COEX Branch, Seoul, Korea
2016 Jan.  Skidmore Contemporary Art, Santa Monica
2012 Sept  Fly High, Bunny & Gunner Gallery, Los Angeles
2012 Mar.  Fullofair, Gallery Ls, Los Angeles
2011 Jun.  Tongin Gallery, 'Dreaming Desert', Insa-dong, Seoul, Korea
2010 Nov.  Blue Nemo Gallery, Apgujung-dong, Seoul, Korea
2010 Aug.  Jenny's Toy World, Baum Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2009 Aug. Whisper: Pillow-Talks, Gana Art Space, Gwanhun-dong, Seoul, Korea
2009 May  Pillow-Scape I,Cal State University, Long Beach  
2008 May  Pleasure, FT Art Gallery, L.A
2005 Feb.  Absence/Presence, Gallery A -Korean Cultural Services,
                  Washington DC, curated by Clifford T. Çhieffo
2003 Jun.  Depth of Light, SCA Gallery, Pomona, California
2002 Mar.  Unwearable, SCA Gallery, Pomona, California
2001 Mar.   Apparition MFA Show at California State University, Long Beach
2001 Feb.   Images at Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, California
2001 Jan.   Ceramic/Projection at SCA Gallery, Pomona, California


2014 Oct.   ‘40th Anniversay Hello Kitty Exhibit – ‘Hello! Exploring Supercute
                   World of Hello Kitty,  Japanese American National Museum,
                  Los  Angeles
2012 Apr.   I Can: Requiem for I Can’t,  Video Installation in Collaboration with Barbara T. Smith
                  at Sparc Gallery, Los Angeles
2006 Mar   ‘The New Utilitarian: Examining our Place on the Motherboard of
                  Ceramics’ at NCECA, Ceramic & Video Installation, Lewis & Clark College,
                  Portland, Oregon
2002 Feb   ‘TRAX’ with NCECA, Ceramic Installation at UNION STATION,
                 Kansas City,


2021 Sept Hampton Art Fairs, South Hampton, NY

2019 Jun  Seoul Plast Contemporary Art Show, KOEX, Seoul

2019 Feb  Art Palmsprings Art Show, Palm Spring, CA

2018 May Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong

2017 Dec  Scope International Art Fair, Miami

2017 Nov  SOFA Art Fair, Chicago

2017 July  Plas Art Seoul Fair, Korea

2017 Jun   Pusan Art Fair, Korea

2017 May Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong

2017 Apr.  Affordable Art Fair, Singapore
2017 Mar.  The 35th Korea Galleries Art Fair, COEX, Seoul, Korea
2016 Oct.   Korea Internationa Art Fair, Coex Building Seoul, Korea
2016 Sept. Affordable Art Fair, New York
2016 Apr    Affordable Art Fair, New York
2015 Sept  Affordable Art Fair, Seouil, with  Galerie-Gaia, Korea
2015 July   Art Hamptons, with The Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London
2015 May   Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong, with Gallery Tableau
2015 Apr    Affordable Art Fair, Singapore, with Galerie-Gaia
2015 Jan    L.A.Art Show at L A Convention Center
2014 July   Art Hamptons, Long Island, New York
2014 Jun.   Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead, London, June 12 - 15
2014 Apr    Busan International Art Fair, Korea, April 18 -- 21
2014 Mar.  Affordable Art Fair, Battersea Park, London March 13 -16
2014 Mar.  Korea Galleries Art Fair, Mar. 5 -9, Coex, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
2014 Feb.  Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, Feb.14 -16, Palm Springs Convention Center
2014 Jan.   L.A. Art Show, Jan. 13 - 19, L.A. Convention Center
2013 Dec.   Art Miami Contemporary & Modern Art Fair, Dec. 3 - 8           
2013 Oct.   Toronto International Art Fair, Oct. 24 -27
2013 Oct.    (e)Emerge Art Fair, Washington DC. Oct 3 -6
2013 Sept.  Houston International Art  Fair, Sept. 18 - 22
2013 July    Art Southhampton International Modern & Contemporary, July 24 - 28
2013 July    Art Hamptons, July 10 - 13
2013 May   artMRKT San Francisco, May 16 -
2013 Apr.   Affordable Art Show, New York April 18 -22 (with Nine Gallery, Korea)
2013 Jan.   L. A. Art Show Jan 23 -27, at  the L. A. Convention Center
2012 Dec.  Art  Asia / Scope Art Fair, Miami


2023 July - Walk a Mile Exhibition, Blue Print Gallery, Dallas, TX

2022 May - May Group Show, Skidmore Contemporary Art, Santa Monica, CA

2022 May -  May Group Show, Blue-Print Contemporary Art Gallery, Dallas, TX

2021 Sept - COVID19 Beyond Time, Lee & Lee Gallery, Los Angeles

2021 June - Contemporary American Realism, M A Doran Gallery, Tulsa, Ok

2021 Mar -  Blueprint Gallery in Dallas
2017 Dec  - Skidmore Contemporary Art Gallery, Santa Monica
2016 Oct.  - Art & Home, LA Family Housing , Room & Board, Los Angeles
2015 May  - 'A Work in Progress' Skidmore Contemporary At, Bergamot Station, SM
2015 Jan    - Melissa Morgan Fine Art,  Palm Desert
2014 Nov. -  'Gallery Artists' Skidmore Contemporary Art, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica
2014 Aug  -  Bruce Lurie Gallery, Culver City-Los Angeles
2014 Jun   - 10 Year Anniversay The Cynthia Corbett Gallery , London
2014 May   - 'At The Top', Empire State Building 74th Floor, New York
2012 Nov.   -'Pacific Road - International Ceramic'  Korean Cultural Center L.A.
2012 Oct.    -'The connections', Lynn J. Gallery, Buena Park, CA
2012 June  - VII Reading Tone, Park View Gallery, Los Angeles
2012 May   -  Perceptions and Perspectives, Lee and Lee Gallery, Los Angeles
2012 April   - 33 Artists-Korean Day, Gallery Western, Los Angeles
2012 Mar.   - Apples and Oranges, Coohaus Gallery, New York
2009 June  - Spezzano Gallery, Long Beach
2008 June  - Angels Ink Gallery, San Pedro
2007 Dec    - The Orange County Contemporary Ceramics, John Wayne Airport.
2007 Sept.  - The 39th Annual Exhibition, Korean Cultural Center, LA
2007 May  -  Ong Gwan (Buying Urns), Clay Sculpture with Video, SCA Gallery
2007 Feb   -  Multiple Vantage Points, Barnsdall Municipal Gallery, LA
2005 Jan.  -  The 61st Ceramic Annual, Scripps College, Claremont
2004 Dec. -   Picking Up the Pieces, El Camino College, Torrance
2004 Aug.  -  Grand Opening Exhibit, Jungdong Hall Art Center, L.A.
2004 Aug.  -  Pareidolia juried by Eleanor Antin, OCCCA, Santa Ana
2004 May   -  Far Flung, 419 Gallery, Fullerton, Orange County
2004 Feb.  -  Play Pause, SCA Gallery, Pomona
2004 Jan.  -  Envisioning the Future facilitated by Judy Chicago, Pomona
2003 Aug.  - The 35th Annual Exhibition, Korean Cultural Center, LA
2002 May  -  Ephemeral- So It Went, Armory Center, Pasadena.
2002 Jan. -   Verses, At the Brewery Project, L. A.
2001 Aug. -  CSULB Fine Art Graduates At The Brewery, I-5 Gallery,
2001 July -   Something More at SCA Gallery, Juror Patricia Correia
2001 Jun -    Grey Matters Group Show at Guggenheim Gallery, Orange
2000 Aug. -  Immigrant Eyes, Angeles Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro
2000 Mar. -  Found Objects Exhibit at Long Beach Art Center
2000 Mar. -  Big Sculpture Outdoor Exhibition at Parlos Verdes Art Center


2013 Nov.                "Cosmic Constellations, Polka Dots and Butterflies" by Dr.Barbara Aust-
                                Wegemund, Art Historian, ArtFix
2013 Nov.                 ArtSlan Miami Magazine, 'Cosmic Constellations, Polka Dots and
2013 May/June        Ceramic Review magazine (London) May/June Issue: Gallery Review
2013 1/23                'Lift up, but Keep Grounded!’ Ceramic Balloons are breaking   
                                the Norms,,
2012 4/16                 'I Can: Requem for I Can't', The Korea Times, Los Angeles   
2012 7/4                   'Dreaming Desert', by Lee, Hwee Hyang,
                                Ma-Il Gyung-Jae, Seoul, Korea
2011 3/7                   'Fullofair', Joongang Daily. Los Angeles        
2010  8/6                  Herald Business Daily, Korea, 'Jenney’s Toyworld',  Lee Young-Ran
2009 Fall                  Contemporary Ceramics published by Thames & Hudson
2009.8/7                   ‘Pillow Made of Ceramics’, by Claire Park, Korea Herald
2009.8/6                   ‘Pillow Talk - It’s Secret. - Today’s Conversation’, by Y.R. Lee,
                                 Herald Business Daily, Seoul  
2008, 5/2                   Dream Pillows, Jung Ang Ilbo
2007 9/8                    Korean Aritsts Association Annual Exhibition,
                                 The Korea Times, L.A. by Eunho Lee
2007, 2/26                 Nina Jun Installation Art to Southern Californ Woman Artitists Exhibition
                                 at Barnsdall Municipal Gallery, The Korea Times, LA.
2007, 3/16                 Is it too Later?  It is the right time now, Sculptor Nina Jun
                                 Sports USA, L.A. by Sujin Park
2005, 1/27                 Where clay gets a chance to make a big Impression
                                 The Los Angeles Times by Andy Brumer
2004, 1/10                 Contemporary trend in Art: at a Glance, Envisioning the
                                  Future Group   The Korea Times, By Taegy Kim
2004, 1/14                  Time Captured in Art by Nina Jun, Central Daily News, by
                                  Kyung-A Yang
2002, 5/9                    The Korea Times by John Kim
2001, July/August      Reviews by Suvan Geer, Sculpture Magazine,
2001, 2/8                    Vernarable life- Digital Projection Images on Ceramic
                                  Shards Angeles Gates,  Joong Ang Daily News Paper, by
                                  Hyun Ah Lim
2001, 1/11                  3 Days in the Valley- Artist Nina Jun, Los Angeles Times,
                                  Inland Valley Edition Calendar, by Joe Fogel
2002, 5/17                  Press-Telegram Live, Long Beach, by Shirie Gottlieb
2000, 4/12                  Impressive Array of Found Objects  Press-Telegram
                                  Live, Long Beach, by Shirie Gootlieb
2000, 4/10                  Big Sculpture  Eye Catcher Press-Telegram Live, Long

LECTURE /Panel Discussion

2008 March    Panel Discussiion Women and Careers Conference, California
                      State University,  Long Beach, CA
2006 March    Slide Lecture for Ceramic Classes Citrus College
2004 Spring    Ceramic Class Korean Culture Center in Garden Grove
2002 Summer Instructor at Parlos Verdes Art Center, Sculpting in Terror Cotta
2002 Spring    Slide Lecture -Cerritos College, Life Sculpture Class
2002 Spring    Slide Lecture -Art Alliance at Cal State University, Fullertond

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